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Monday, December 13, 2021


“Cityscapes are iconic – whether well-known skyline silhouettes or portraits of majestic architecture, cities seem to captivate photographers. We quickly realize how difficult it is to truly capture the lines, scale, and moods of a city we’ve fallen in love with. Often, cityscapes can turn out blurry, grainy, or far too pale. In this presentation, Padma Inguva will give an overview of the skills you’ll need to get the vibrant cityscapes you want. She will cover everything from technical recommendations like camera settings to creative post-processing techniques. Equipped with this new knowledge, you can let your favorite city shine.”

I am Padma, is a woman, a mother, a restless soul and lifelong focused student, and a mentor.

I am forever seeking things that make Padma happy..

While Photography is my obsession.. gardening, reading, jewelry making, soap and lotion making, aroma therapy are some of her other hobbies.  I might prefer one over other for a certain period of time but all these activities make me happy. 

A lot of images to show my journey in photography..

Padma has much to offer – Mentoring in photography and post processing.

NFRCC Speaker Series 2021 -2022