Wayne Fisher


November 14th, 2022 – 7:30pm

The presentation will provide viewers with techniques and tricks for capturing Architecture in a stunning impactful way.  Settings, time of day, equipment best suited for Architecture will be discussed. Wayne will discuss his Journey from South Africa and the impact it has had on his photography, having to grow up in a strict regime always having to observe the rules. His style of photography is a twist and turn from the conventional style of Architectural Photography. Wayne will discuss his vision and early influencers such as Ansel Adams and learning the zone system and applying it to his Black and white work. Wayne will discuss his Post Processing techniques and bringing the viewer into a glimpse of Wayne’s world. Seeing in a different way and opening up your mind beyond the obvious will be a big part of his presentation.

Wayne is a professional photographer living in Thornhill, Ontario. Wayne has a fresh approach to Architectural Photography by dissecting the subject and accentuating the most important elements. Wayne is an Artist and Educator and has work published Internationally including some noted, Chizz Magazine, Collector Book/New perspectives by Contemporary Art Curator Magazine, Flowers of Monet !80th Anniversary of Claude Monet. A great milestone for Wayne to have represented Canada at the World Photographic Cup 2020 in the commercial category. He has presented Architecture and Minimalism to Panasonic Canada as well as Camera clubs across Ontario. Wayne has been creating for over 35 years photography and this genre of photography is where he feels at home. Wayne presentation will be visually informative, where he will talk about his Journey from South Africa to Canada and his vision and Post processing technique.