Roland Shainidze – Presentations

Re-Imagining Architectural Photography

In this presentation you will learn to build your vision and use the city as a studio for your architectural photography. Roland will share his 14 years of experience in the field and will show you techniques he developed to help you create photographic images/series based on the streets of your city or a specific structure. This 5presentation is perfect for those who are interested in building their vision and who want to start or expand their knowledge of architectural photography and will be useful in creating images for both interiors and exteriors. 

High Key Architectural Photography

In this presentation you will learn all about High Key Architectural Photography. From its origins as a photographic genre to the final production that will help you create outstanding artistic images. You will learn about different types of high key photography, and I will talk about the kind of subjects that work best with high key architectural photography. You will learn which camera settings to select in order to get the best results, and I will share with you step by step post-production tips.