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By Path or Paddle

Landscape and nature photography has been, and still remains the most popular style of photography. Whether you travel the world, or just explore your own backyard there are countless photo opportunities that exist in the natural world. Olympus Visionary, Peter Baumgarten has been a passionate nature photographer for over 40 years. 

In this seminar, Peter discusses the challenges and joys of outdoor photography, the value of travelling light using his mirrorless equipment, and the compositional strategies he employs “to get the shot”. Numerous tips and techniques will be discussed in the area of landscape, macro and wildlife photography.   

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“Shoot for the Stars” – Techniques to Improve your Astro-Landscape Photography

Photographing at night has challenges and opportunities that just don’t exist for the regular landscape photographer. Join Peter Baumgarten for this how-to seminar that will help you create impressive night sky images. Starting with a look at the basics of shooting at night, you will also discover low level lighting techniques, live composite star trails, the value of time lapse sequences, photo stacking to reduce noise, and the creation of surreal time-blend images