Johan Sorenson – Presentations

Fashion Lighting History, Past and Present

Nowadays we take for granted all the fashion pictures and ads we see, but it has developed to be a legitimate art form.
The early days of photography and advertising brought about a new way to sell luxury through the images of lifestyle, clothing, and fashion accessories.  
In this presentation, I will talk about the changes in posing and lighting and how it has evolved through the years.  


Passion for Fashion, Lighting and Posing Tutorial

Has your portrait or fashion photography gotten stale?  Do you need an inspiration to kickstart your creative mojo?  Sometimes just a small change can make a world of difference.  
This presentation will highlight tips and tricks that I have learned during my career doing fashion photography such as advanced lighting setups, styling fashion looks on a budget and how to teach your models to pose better.  Be prepared to pick up lots of new ideas and techniquesDescription of 2nd presentation.