Ethan Meleg – Presentations

Born to Be Wild

Ethan was born to be wild. A ‘park guy’ and professional outdoor photographer, he’s spent his life working in wild areas and exploring spectacular parks around the globe. The addiction started as a kid as he wandered around Point Pelee National Park in search of migrating warblers and grew into lifelong passion for exploring places with natural beauty and high biodiversity. From the escarpment geology of the Bruce Peninsula to the rainforests of Suriname, Ethan has followed his love of parks and protected areas. In this presentation, he shares his insight into the inspiration, passion and knowledge that drives his love of natural areas and outdoor photography. Illustrated by his favorite photos and stories, this light-hearted and humorous presentation will entertain and inspire!

Just Winging It: A Bird Nerd and his Camera

Bird photography is downright difficult, but amazingly fun and rewarding! Ethan started watching birds when he was a kid growing near Point Pelee National Park and used to skip school during migration. He’s been a bird nerd all of his life and began photographing birds over twenty years ago. In this presentation, Ethan will cover the basics of bird photography, with tips, techniques and funny stories from his adventures photographing birds