Ellen Anon

Ellen is a an internationally acclaimed photographer, writer, and speaker who specializes in expressive photography. Her images, most often based on nature, are sometimes realistic and sometimes abstract but always designed to elicit emotional reactions from the viewer. Her goal is to go beyond the ordinary in ways that hopefully stimulate others to pause and appreciate some of the beauty and wonder of our earth to help balance some of the stress of everyday life. Ellen has won recognition in numerous world wide competitions including multiple times in the prestigious British Natural History Museum’s  Wildlife Photographer of the Year competitions. She has co-authored 9 books on photography and digital processing as well as numerous articles and video training materials and is currently developing a series of online photography courses based on her “See It” book. She is proud to be a member of the SanDisk Extreme Team/ Western Digital Ambassador

Ellen will be presenting throughout the weekend. Her presentations will be Taking Gifts of Time: Expressive Long Exposures and Secret Ingredients of Light Box and Black Cloth Photography.