Ellen Anon – Presentations

The Gifts of Time: Expressive Long Exposures

One of the challenges in photography is trying to make images that are a little different than everyone else’s.  Images that are a bit unique and do more than just record a documentary shot.  One of the tools that can help with this is learning to take advantage of long exposures.  With a long exposure the camera can be still, but with enough time the subject moves, or the camera can move (intentional camera movement) with a subject that is either static or moving.  In each situation you’ll create images that are far different than an ordinary snapshot.  In this talk Ellen will talk about the tools and techniques needed to take advantage of the various opportunities offered by long exposures.  Some images created this way may stand on their own, while others may be used as textures with more conventional image.  The possibilities and variations are extensive.

Secret Ingredients of Light Box and Black Cloth Photography

Perhaps you’ve seen some images with white or black backgrounds that look as though the flowers are ready to jump off the page and some that even look translucent. Maybe you’ve even tried your hand at it but haven’t been completely happy with your results. In “Secret Ingredients of Light Box & Black Cloth Photography”, Ellen teaches you all the details you need to know to be successful and make stunning images using a light box or black cloth as backgrounds. She’ll cover the gear you need as well as suggestions to get you started composing, exposing and processing your images.