Darren Creighton

Darren Creighton is an enthusiastic and insightful photographer, In 1997 he picked up his father’s 35mm Minolta, made his first print in the darkroom and was hooked. Darren sees photography as an exploration of your vision and ideas mixed with light, composition, storytelling, technique & sometimes luck. Accomplishments include a cover story for Niagara Magazine, numerous awards & print sales to private & corporate clients including large canvas images in Mt Bellies Welland & KPMG St Catharines. His portrait work includes musicians, dancers, business professionals & politicians. Darren enjoys teaching camera & lighting workshops and helping people on their own photographic journey. 

“I love how with camera in hand, you see and appreciate the world in a whole new way”


Darren will be presenting three portrait workshops throughout the weekend. One on Studio Lighting; one on using Available Light and one using Mixed Available Light Outdoors.