Andre Gallant – Presentations

Moments – Quest for Solace Through the Beauty of Nature

Join André Gallant, ANEC, on his most recent photographic journey where he found solace in nature’s beauty.  With anecdotes accompanying his most recent images, André will share how he discovered the healing powers of the camera through personal difficult times as well as the advent of Covid-19 which changed the world we live in.  “This past year I went out almost every morning with my camera, driving to places of beauty and comfort.  Each day I embraced solitude and photographed with the heart.  Either captivated by the light, or being witness to awe inspiring, my spirits were uplifted and knew there was hope”.

Innovation – Exploring Camera Techniques

Based on the book “Innovation – Creating Expressive Images”, André will discuss some of his favourite camera techniques that help him produce expressive photographs. Along with detailed instructions and many examples of in-camera techniques such as Intentional Camera Movement, Multiple exposures, Drive by Shooting, as well as various montages created with Photoshop (Composite and Mirror montages, this program will inspire you to go wild and create images that will help you to express yourself with the camera and your unique vision. 

Contemplating Minimalism

Derived from minimalist art, minimalism in photography is becoming quite popular. Provoking an emotional connection with a less is more mentality; minimal images make the visual experience long lasting and more profound. André will share his interpretation of minimalist photography using some of his personal work to illustrate some of the concepts tied to minimalism, such as simplicity, restrain, negative space, etc. The program will be followed by an audio visual very close to his heart