F8 and Be There

Monday, September 13, 2021

Every photographer has a personal style depending on four components:

  • Technical – the equipment you use
  • Geographic – where you shoot
  • Subjects – what you shoot
  • Social – How you interact with others while shooting

Using more than 100 digital images and compelling stories from around the world, this presentation describes how a photographer’s style influences not only the photographs obtained, but the very nature of the travel experience itself.

Mike O’Connor is a Canadian self-styled Bucket List Adventurer who loves to travel to far-away places in search of compelling photographic opportunities.  He is presently on an international virtual tour discussing how every photographer has a personal style consisting of at least four related elements:  what equipment you use; where you shoot; what you shoot; and how you interact with others when shooting. Using engaging stories of his travels and more than 100 compelling images, Mike demonstrates that these elements not only impact the nature of the photos acquired, but also the very nature of the adventures themselves. Some of his visual/literal exploits can be viewed on his photo/blog website www.mikesmeanderings.com.

NFRCC Speaker Series 2021 -2022