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Monday, May 9, 2022

Saving History – Photo Restoration Tips

When a photo gets damaged or fades over time, you slowly lose a priceless memory or keepsake. These images are a snapshot in time that cannot be re-created very easily, if at all. David Hakamaki will walk you through the process of evaluating, inputting, and restoring a photo to its previous grandeur. You will learn the tips and techniques he uses in his process. Photoshop and/or Lightroom will be utilized in this program.

David Hakamaki, Cr.Photog., is an international speaker, educator and photographer. David operates a full-time, home-based studio in Upper Michigan.

David serves on Simply Color Lab’s Simply Seniors Speaking Team, is an Interfit Creative Pro, BlackRapid Affiliate, Fundy Storyteller, Adorama Affiliate, and Savage Universal Featured Photographer. He is a regular speaker at PPA Conferences and Workshops, as well as being a repeat speaker at Photography conventions in Canada and the United Kingdom. David started out in the business world and opened his photography studio in 2002. His studio quickly became the highlight of his region and currently generates 6 figures of revenue in a small, rural Michigan community. David
has taught photography, as well as business, marketing & economics at multiple colleges. He trains photographers at conferences and via virtual programs on all aspects of posing, lighting, photo restoration, business and

David is a proud member of WPPI, SWPP, SISEP, PPA & BNI. He is highly active in his local community and roams the country with his family in search of adventure.

NFRCC Speaker Series 2021 -2022