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June 14, 2021

Light From Darkness

Cheryl Belczak is a photographer captivated by details. Close-up, Macro, Still Life, Floral, Food and Product photography are the creative challenges that interest her most. She enjoys experimenting with different lighting, shooting, editing and compositing techniques and is always happy to share her ideas. Her work plays through a spectrum between hyper-real and re-imagined reality.

In this presentation “Light From Darkness” we will explore different styles and methods for making your subject stand out in against a dark background. Afterward I want you to have ideas and be excited to start creating your own images with these concepts. You can get started with natural window light, continuous lights, off-camera flashes or strobes and UV (black) light. We’ll also discuss considerations with photographing in this style including keeping the background dark and best lighting practices based on the environment, ambient light and subject. Join me for a variety of ideas about photographing and editing your own images that feature “Light From Darkness.”

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